There has come a stage where you can highlight specific topics and questions that some of our compatriots are quite ready, ripe to understand and hear, and understanding will be ready to recognize and translate into reality.

In this appeal, we will answer frequently asked questions, reveal some aspects of the essence of the Free Cossack movement, its activities, goals and objectives.
Explanations and position on various issues voiced here are the official point of view of the Movement.

This tough approach stems from the fact that many who want to "start somewhere" is not aware of all themselves in our reality and do not know the full -What desire in this world.

If we wanted to collect a large mass of the Cossacks - it was not a problem, but our goal is not mass and the desire to somehow identify and assert themselves. The main objective of the Free Cossack movement is now -Create a healthy ethnic environment.
This is the main goal of all the other minor.

The main criteria for acceptance of the Cossacks in the movement are - purity in thought, love for his people and awarded, modesty in speech and activity in the affairs of the benefit of the nation, awareness, and the existence of certain moral moral and volitional qualities, of course, intelligence and culture, adherence to national laws and the traditions of our people, the discipline of the Spirit.

Candidate EVA should know, understand and accept the principles of ease -kazachego Movement, to live according to the laws (zvychayam) Cossack people.

Perfect way we hope for quality of those who are reaching out to us and will only then the number.

Some of our supporters accused the EVA in secrecy and isolation from the rest of the Cossack organizations and movements. The answer to this charge is simple: we do not see any sense to interact with people and organizations - do not have any clear-cut programs and objectives nor, most importantly, - principles.

We uphold the reputation of our movement and are not going to enter into a questionable relationship with anyone, even for the satisfaction of some short-term political interests no matter how tempting it may seem.

Above all, in our business we put the national interests of the Cossack nation.
Our movement is not an extremist nor the meaning or content.

We were formed on the basis of the struggle for the national interests of its people and not against anyone. It is this basic criterion defines the paradigm of ease Cossack movement.

Among us there is no place for Nazis, to the Gentiles, a holy fool, daffodils, cowardly and mankurt. Costumed, reenactors, folklorists simply we find nothing but disappointment in the harsh reality from which they are trying to hide.

At the moment, our people were scattered across Russia, the former CIS countries, but the bulk of the Cossack nation lived and is living in the territory awarded Cossack Cossacks, Don, Kuban and Terek - its component parts.

In this regard, of course, we first of all will increase activity in the territory of the Cossack lands. The main objectives are education, advocacy, formation of national consciousness as the Cossacks, and the children who have undergone a serious assimilation (Russification greater degree) from the non-native peoples in the land of the Cossack.

We clearly understand that it is a lengthy process, so originally denoted the unacceptability of the revolutionary ways of development and formation of the movement.

For the main EVA, as well as the strategic goal is to preserve the Cossack people as a species. This means that the issue of borders, land, territory, the autonomy or nationhood - secondary and flows out of the conditions and situations that will have to implement it.

We conducted educational activities with respect to national idea of unity of all subethnoses Cossack nation. Our people have a national flag, which symbolizes the unity of all subethnoses Cossack nation - the flag of the Cossacks.

Flag of the Free Cossack movement is the national flag of the Cossack people representing a panel of 1320 x 900 mm with EVA symbol. NATIONWIDE Cossack flag, blue-crimson-YELLOW (not to be confused with the Don Branch). Blue (cornflower) - Don people, Terzi, raspberry - Cossacks, Kuban, yellow - the former Cossacks historical Forces the east of the Russian Empire. On the panel applied the symbol of free Cossack movement - steppe eagle holding in its claws a Cossack saber.

The emblem of the Free Cossack Movement is mace background located on the shield which is the national tricolor - blue and crimson and yellow.

Symbol, emblem, and other attributes of the movement will be adopted and approved in the course of the planned congress.

The principles of EVA are the main goals and objectives of the movement, but it is worth noting the main purpose of its activities -protection Cossacks and their families who wish to not only have rights, but also to take responsibilities - to help, to support and develop our movement.

Tough enough we come to the health and moral of the Cossacks, who wish to participate in the EVA.

Member of the motion has the right to lead a vicious life.
For a candidate to join the movement is a prerequisite for giving up alcohol except wine and brandy, which are permissible in the acceptable norm for holidays and celebrations. Accordingly, the ban on tobacco smoking and the use of other drugs can be deformed consciousness.

These tough conditions allow candidates to move, at first, to fight against its own internal defects, and secondly, to recognize that there can be no spiritual purity without physical health.

In our motion does not give preference to the roots of the Cossacks have any existing historical troops. For us it does not matter, you Donets Kubanets, terets, Yaik Cossacks. In principle, the only one that you Cossack ethnic and national interests of the Cossack people for you above all else.

We deny the circle spirit and parochialism subetnosovomu on the basis of inside and suppress any ethnic strife. The ease of the Cossack movement to severely punish those who raise the question of the superiority of one subethnos Cossack nation over others.

The only measure of superiority in EVA - is the activity and the effectiveness of its members in matters of development of the movement. No other criteria do not exist.

For Will, Faith and awarded!

Motto Gregory Kuznetsov developed in 2010 and approved by the Cossack nationalists as the official motto of the Free Cossack Movement (EVA).

Will - the highest value for the representative of the Cossack people, which is a necessity recognized and assumes under a freedom of choice, responsibility and a desire to live according to the laws of their ancestors.

Faith - Christian adopted by our ancestors in the 1st century BC and became the only religion to the traditional Cossack nation.

Awarded (Cossacks) - Cossack land, the land of their fathers. According to the concepts of our ancestors, the land designated by God (awarded) in the eternal possession of the Cossack. In the modern interpretation of historical land cover Vosyk Don, Kuban and Terek.

  • Rostov-on-Don, Cossacks