The Principles of FCM

The history of Cossack national idea and Cossack nationalism is characterized by every illness and weakness typical of whatever a man can give rise to.  Any desire, any intention to change the world is inevitably distort the perfect images a person seeks to achieve. Taking account of this imperfectness, and realizing that nothing lasts forever, and nothing is perfect, Cossack nationalists, while seeking after the faultless pattern of the military democracy political order, induced by our antecedents, strive to reduce side-effects and mistakes by building on their success.

Analyzing the past experience accumulated by Cossack nationalists we can define the principles of Free Cossacks Movement as a measure and laws to be followed by all Cossacks organizations, which ideological attitudes comply with the criteria of the Cossack nationalist ideology. These principles are based exclusively on the statement that Cossacks are indigenous people of the Black Sea and North Caucasus steppe are, have unique culture and language base, have been always exclusively self-contained in definition of objectives in terms of historical evolution, and will be a consistent ethnic centrist while pursuing its own national interests.

  1. establishment of the Cossack national autonomy within the Cossack Prisud.
  2. Free Cossacks Movement has the following objectives:
    1. defense of national interests of the Cossack nation, i.e.
      1. creation of conditions for quantity and quality growth of the Cossack nation in the territory of the Cossack Prisud;
      2. contribution to the formation of national identity of Cossacks;
  3. Cossack Prisud (Cossackia) is ancestral land developed and sprinkled with blood of hundreds of generations of the Cossack people, including the territory occupied by the former Don, Kuban and Terek Cossack Armies, with water lines for the time being.
    1. Cossack nationalists as a core of the Cossack nation that defends the national interests believe it reasonable not to raise the issue of the borders of Cossack Prisud with the neighboring nations, whether they have national identity, or still not. This can be explained both by some objective reasons determining the current state of the Cossack nation, and by desire to skip ethnical and religious wars on the North Caucasus and European part of Russia, which wars are provoked and ignited by hegemonic states pursuing their regional and world policy through aggression;
    2. to that end, representatives of the Free Cossack Movement are authorized to revise the issues of the borders of the Cossack Prisud by giving due regard to the opinions of representative of other Cossack national organizations provided that the latter observe the mentioned Principles;
    3. no national Cossack organization is entitled to conduct any negotiations, discussions, or take any unilateral decisions together with national organizations of other nationalities, as well with political or public organizations, as to the borders of the Cossack Prisud, as well as to any other issues on Cossack national identity without the FCM being informed.
  4. The Cossack nation is a single national body which integrates all Cossack-men and all Cossack-women with ethnic roots, being historic descendants of Cossacks of ethnic and territorial military systems of the tsarist Russia which were annihilated by the bolshevist political regime:
    1. citizens without Cossack nationality cannot be referred to as representatives of the Cossack nation;
    2. the institution of registered Cossacks cannot serve as a ground for those people (aliens, non-Cossacks by blood) who were admitted by some register, public or any other organizations to be identified as Cossacks;
    3. ethnic Cossacks do not recognize the mechanism of admission to “honorary” Cossacks of any aliens regardless their status, contribution to the development of the Cossack nation, or any other merits. Any documents, certificates of merits, or valuable gifts associated with the mechanism of admission to “honorary” Cossacks of an alien shall become void upon acknowledgement of these Principles of Free Cossacks Movement.
  5. restoration of mechanisms of self-regulation employed by Cossacks in order to create the historical democratic institute of self-regulation (Krug, Ataman);
  6. to achieve the recognition by Russian Federation, world community, international associations, and governments of the leading world powers of the fact of genocide of Cossacks:
    1. establishment of the Eparchy of the Orthodox Church in the territory of the Cossack Prisud (as exemplified by the former Don Eparchy on the territory of Don Republic);
    2. assistance in repatriation (remigration) of representatives of Cossacks to their motherland (historic territories), i.e. Don, Kuban, Terek – Cossackia;
  7. The MFC political centers can include Azov, Starocherkassk, or Novocherkassk as decided upon by Don Cossacks; Krasnodar as decided upon by Cuban Cossacks; and Prokhladny or Pyatigorsk as decided upon by Terek Cossacks:
    1. our compatriots with ethnic roots from former eastern territories of Cossacks Hosts are proposed to join the MFC in order to solve strategic and tactical missions set by the organization, as well as to reemigrate to the lands of Prisud supported by our organization in Cossackia;
    2. Cossacks-nationalists consider that it is inexpedient to recover the historic hosts in the future and to create our own structures in the Eastern Russia with a long-term perspective. All Cossacks-nationalists from Astrahan, Yaik, Orenburg lands, and other former hosts lands are to accept/understand that our national efforts must focus on return of the Cossackian territories which gave birth to the whole nation.
  8. No Cossack assemblies, meetings or conferences/forums of MFC may be conducted outside the Cossackian Prisud.
  9. Cossacks-nationalists, struggling for their national interests adhere to adequate nationalism, i.e. nationalism of defensive nature, not expansive, not extremist and not spreading national or religious hatred/detestation:
    1. any call for aggression towards aliens, alien culture or religion under the guise of the Principles of MFC or on behalf of Cossack-nationalists will be suppressed;
    2. Cossacks-nationalists have developed a model of correct behavior towards any different cultures, and they will follow the principles of adequate nationalism until any aliens overstep the line which is prejudicial to the national interests of Cossack nation.
  10. No Cossack who by his past actions, directly or indirectly, did damage or harm to national interests of Cossack nation can be the leader of the Free Cossack movement:
    1. such persons will also include those who pursued antinational policy in any organizations under a Cossack name, or in any other organizations that have inflicted damage on the Cossack nation’s interests;
    2. any strive of any persons (including those inflicting damage on the national interests of the Cossack nation, or being protegees of such persons) by force or by way of intrigues or conspiracies, to take lead of the organization, must be stopped by other members of the FCM.
  11. No alien (non-Cossack) may be a member of the FCM:
    1. the aliens who demonstrated through deeds their hard-core loyalty to the idea of Cossackia, or who approved themselves as consistent fighters of the national Cossack interests will be entitled to be confederates of the FCM, whose status and state are to be assigned and approved by Cossacks-nationalists as a separate procedure;
    2. Cossack-nationalists are aware that neighbours/ambiency may not be only Cossackophobes, Cossack-haters, or enemies, but also allies. Given that, we will make all efforts to establish friendly/ amicable relations with ethnos who approved themselves as complementary (compatible, non-aggressive) peoples towards us.
  12. The Principles of FCM are binding upon all members of the movement without exception. Violation of the Principles of FCM by individual representatives of the movement or by its leaders will be suppressed upon decision of the extraordinary Krug (general council).
  13. To prevent a power grab by any person or body for the purpose of inflicting any political, economic, etc damage on the national Cossack interests, FCM will suppress such activity.
  14. Any amendments to the Principles of FMC can be made only on the Krug of FCM if quorum of members is present. No amendments made by members of FCM must not distort or render void the existing and approved Principles.
  • Rostov-on-Don, Cossacks