А. А. Гордеев

Historians have kept silent about the fact that in Moscow chronicles had information about the existence of the Cossacks in the troops of the Golden Horde.

22 Sep 2017
И. Ф. Быкадоров

The emergence of the Cossacks, as a phenomenon and as a special nation, no connection, no relationship to Russia the North-East (Moscow) has: a vision, and most brodnitskaya nation, which was called the Cossacks, more ancient origin than the actual Russia Moscow (Great Russians ), and especially the Russian state.

22 Sep 2017
Струкова Марина Васильевна

Supporters Cossack nationalism, I wish you success in reviving the original Cossack culture and resistance to achieve political goals, and wish to forget their differences for a common cause. And around the Cossack people - prosperity, victory and good reputation!

22 Sep 2017
  • Rostov-on-Don, Cossacks