The Free Cossack Movement

The history of the Cossack national idea, Cossack nationalism is marked by the same "disease" and disadvantages that are inherent in everything that man creates. Any idea, any desire to change the world inevitably leads to a distortion of the ideal images that a person is trying to achieve. Given this is not a perfect human nature, and realizing that nothing is eternal and perfect, cops and nationalists tend to want to achieve that impeccable model of political system of military democracy, which gave birth to our ancestors, to minimize costs and errors, taking into account the experience of their predecessors.

For the will, faith and prisud!

Motto Gregory Kuznetsov developed in 2010 and approved by the Cossack nationalists as the official motto of the Free Cossack Movement (FCM).

the highest value for the representative of the Cossack people, which is a necessity recognized and assumes under a freedom of choice, responsibility and a desire to live by the laws of ancestors

Christian adopted by our ancestors in the 1st century BC and became the only religion to the traditional Cossack nation.

Cossack land, the land of their fathers. According to the concepts of our ancestors, the land designated by God (awarded) in the eternal possession of the Cossack. In the modern interpretation of historical land cover Troops Don, Kuban and Terek.


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  • Rostov-on-Don, Cossacks